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"Very prompt response and then turnaround time. Servicemen were very friendly and professional! Thanks."
—Ms. Minor, Chesterfield

Choosing the Right Door
for Your Needs


Overhead doors range in insulation value from R-0 to R-17, a significant factor if the area you're enclosing is heated or cooled.

Consider the strength of materials, locking mechanism, type of door operator, and ease of maintenance, durability, and reliability of the equipment.

It's important to match the right type and quality of steel spring to the overhead door, and select a door opener with appropriate safety features.

Look and Style
Especially in residential applications, the look and style of an overhead door can bring added appearance and value. Choose from a wide variety of panel styles and prepainted colors.

Overhead Doors and Door-Related Products

With more than a half-century's experience in overhead doors, we have an unrivaled knowledge of door products, their features and reliability, and which products are best suited to our customers' needs. Because many new installations have unique considerations, we recommend that you consult with us on your project.

We have contacts throughout the industry and can usually obtain the parts needed to service and repair all brands. Our mechanics are exceptionally well qualified to troubleshoot your situation, give recommendations, and make the needed repairs.

Door Openers
For residential use we install Genie® brand openers. They come with options such as remotes, keypads, and push buttons. For commercial/industrial use we offer a full line of heavy-duty openers with optional safety devices and controls.
Residential Doors
The primary residential door today is raised-panel steel, with optional decorative glass and insulation. Each door system is fitted with a custom spring to offset the door's weight.
Carriage Doors
These modern steel doors recreate the look of carriage-house doors that swing, slide, or fold open.
Door Openers | Commercial Doors
The most common is a 24-gauge steel sectional door, with or without insulation. These come with a variety of track systems depending on ceiling height and other special considerations.
Scissor Gates
Steel gates control quick access during operating hours while allowing visual sightlines and a free flow of ventilation and light.
Fire Doors
A special rolling steel door that meets the UL requirements for 3-hour-rating (A-label). Usually these are fusible-link; other options are available.

Industrial Doors
For heavy-duty applications, the door of choice is usually a rolling steel door. These work in limited space, can be designed for high cycle use, and accept the full array of control and safety devices.

Other Products
We also install security grilles and loading dock levelers, and can fabricate products for special applications.